5 Benefits of Certified Organic Eliquid over Tobacco Cigarettes

5 Benefits of Certified Organic Eliquid over Tobacco Cigarettes

A good percentage of people have switched from smoking cigarettes to upgrade their vaping experience. Yet, many probable p and existing vapers are wondering the benefits offered by these certified organic eliquids. Go through this blog to know about five benefits that you should be aware of.

Natural ingredients

Certified organic eliquids are 100% VG and 100% free of PG. This PG is considered to be a synthetic liquid substance made from petroleum which is the main ingredient for eliquids. It is used in the form of the base for finished products and nicotine as well as a carrier for flavorings.

Organic certification means the substance do not have any base of eliquid, but it has not snuck in through any nicotine or flavorings, either. When talking about its flavor, certified organic eliquid do not have artificial “flavorings,” and is rather flavored with plant-based extracts from natural world.

Free from synthetic chemical additives

As per the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), diacetyl is a chemical being used for butter flavoring in the flavoring and microwave popcorn production plants where workers developed “popcorn lung, (severe lung disease) and bronchiolitis obliterans.

Vape researchers have pointed out that the risk of chemical additives such as acetyl propionyl and diacetyl are similar to e-cigarettes. These chemicals are present in analog cigarettes and in higher quantities. All vapers should know that synthetic chemicals should not be added to certified organic eliquid.

Feasible option

The purpose of the vape industry is to provide a great alternative. For several years, people have been discovering probable benefits of e-cigarettes over the analog ones, certified organic cigarettes are available that gave gained immense popularity in the market.

Eliquid industry should have a good alternative to offer the niche market of organic-inclined smokers who want to lessen their intake of synthetic chemicals and shun the idea of taking tobacco. Furthermore, it is beneficial to provide vapers as an alternative for e-cigarettes.

Certified organic nicotine 

Tobacco is a chemical-intensive crop, usually treated with pesticides such as weed-killers, plant growth regulators and insect-killers. According to the researchers, it has been found that the traces of three pesticides are from cigarettes and two of them are probable carcinogens. It is quite possible that such pesticides may possibly seep into the liquid nicotine, being used in eliquid. Certified organic nicotine has been made from USDA-organic tobacco.

This organic nicotine is usually extracted by utilizing CO2 extraction method as it is free from the chemical residues of other extraction methods. Besides, certified organic nicotine uses 100% organic VG in the form of carrier than petroleum-derived solvents like PG.

Transparent and accountable 

To make a product certified organic, it should have organic certification and significant implications. The integrity of final USDA-organic product has been guaranteed through compliance with federal organic regulations, including manufacturing facility, the production process in line with established good manufacturing practices and level of accountability needed.

Facility certification will require traceability and transparency in the manufacturing process, from the start till the end. Thus, certified organic eliquid retains each batch of product kept for at least five years and strictly choose high-quality and approved production materials such as glass and stainless steel.

Though several vape companies might have some organic ingredients, their manufacturing processes may not be suitable to deal with those ingredients. Clean rooms are very important to ensure that the manufacturing environment is completely free of air-borne contaminants. This is necessary for all e-juice manufacturers that are highly susceptible to bacterial contamination. Hence, the climate-controlled clean room is believed to be a preventive measure that assures bacteria, fungus and mold are deprived of the conditions in which they increase.

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