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Stomach Bloat? These Food Items Can Help You Get Rid Of It


Bloating is a state when your belly feels swollen like a balloon after having a meal. Bloating is usually caused when excessive gas is produced in the digestive system. Suppose you have eaten something which is creating lots of acidities, as a result, intestinal gas is created which makes you bloat.

You can suffer from bloating when you have some medical condition like, if you have a heart problem, or kidney or liver problem. Bloating is also caused if you your not having proper digestion, as well as having too much of soft drinks or when you don’t follow a complete healthy diet. Also you make you dietary chart and order food online according to your diet using Coupons for Swiggy to get great deals of discount.

As you know bloating is a sign that that tells that your food is not being digested properly. There are many factors that causes bloating like lactose intolerance, food allergies, high fibre food, eating too quickly, stress, constipation and medical issues.   Bloating can be avoided by following a healthy diet and also controlling or getting rid of the bloating by including some things in your diet.

Food that helps in reducing stomach bloating

Here are some of the foods there should be included in your regular diet to ease the problem of bloating.

Lemon water

Lemons have high concentration of vitamin and minerals. 89% of raw lemon is made of water but, lemon also contains high concentration of tendifferent minerals. Some of these minerals include calcium, selenium,magnesium, potassium, and phosphorous. Keep your gut healthyby having some lemon mixedwith warm water in the morning every day. This is also an easy method to fight bloating.


Ginger can be used alone or in combination with other natural ingredients as an effective naturalremedy for bloating problem. Ginger helps in improving blood circulation and hence a good option for bloating remedy. Drinking ginger juice is considered as one of the oldest remedy to combat with bloating. You can have them as juice or tea. Ginger is one of the common things available in the kitchen, which means preparing a ginger juice or tea is not going to be a problem.


Bananas are highly nutritious and healthy. They are rich in magnesium and helps in maintaining fluid balance in the blood, which further helps in controlling bloating. Regular intake of banana helps to build strength and keeps the digestive system in a great shape. It helps in bloating by controlling constipation and gas formation in the stomach.


Parsley is very rich in vitamins and minerals. It also acts as a diuretic and helps to flush out toxins and excessive fluid from the body. Removing of extra fluid from the body directly helps in controlling bloating in the stomach. You should include parsley in your diet for creating a healthy habit that will also help your stomach.


The Yogurt is well known for its digestive properties. It contains probioticbacteria that help to digest the meal well. A good digestive system never has a bloating problem. So yogurt should be in your daily diet. If you regular have a stomach bloating then you must have probiotic yogurt to combat the problem.

Herbal tea:

Herbal teas are rich in antioxidant that flush out free radicals and toxins from your body. Toxins actually hinder the digestive system and cause bloating. Herbal teas can also help to digest a heavy meal easily. So, have a habit of drinking anyone herbal tea after a meal, so that you don’t suffer from stomach bloating after a heavy meal. You can have any one of this herbal tea like the Fennel tea, Peppermint tea, ginger tea and another type of teas. Also, you can order this tea online at your doorstep using Grofers Coupon at great offers.

The Bottom-Line

Other than including these food in your diet to prevent bloating you should always eat your meal slowly and in consume meal in small portion in regular interval rather than having one big meal. Steaming or boiling green vegetables will reduce the amount of sugar you take. Always keep an eye on how much salt you eat. Eating high sodium foods can slow down your body’sability to get rid of excess water. For no bloating, the digestive system should function well.

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